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To get $25 off your first rental you need to be a NEW FIRST TIME user of TURO. Before you start searching for rentals please visit the $25 OFF FIRST RENTAL link and register either with your existing Facebook, or GMAIL account or use any email. Turo will then do an instantaneous background check to make sure you are eligible to rent via their platform.

The best value in the industry

You could rent from the big chains. In fact, we encourage you to go out and find a better deal than our cars.

NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED. All you need is a Debit Card linked to a checking account that has either a Mastercard or Visa logo on it, even Apple Pay and Android Pay are acceptable. No prepaid or reloadable debit cards.

For more information on the types of payment accepted through TURO. Click Here.

Is there a Security Deposit? It depends on the car. Click Here for more details. You will be notified as you are booking if there is a deposit required and you can at that point choose to move forward or not.

All inclusive rental platform

Using Turo allows us to reach a large target population with the support of great iOS and Android applications, which make it incredibly easy to rent cars. Turo also has built in insurance options for your convenience. You can choose No Coverage, Basic, or Premium insurance coverage. Basic has a $3000 deductiable and Premium coverage has a $500 deductible. Visit Turo's support page to get answers to common questions.